The war cry echoes for miles

We get up, and put on our pride

The arms at our sides weigh us down

The outcome of the fight occupies our minds


Our minds that look for the slightest movement

Between the blades of grass, in the midst of the field

Our rifles and snipers stand ready to fire

For every man who shoots at us is our enemy


The enemy who releases the first bullet

Is greeted with one sent by our men

Each one of us becomes target practice

Until our bodies reach a point beyond amends


Amends cannot be made with the aggressor

Once soldiers have fallen, once we lay defeated

The horrors can never be erased from our heads

Once we’ve seen how the ground erupted


Where the ground erupted lay lost lives

Who are honoured and buried in peace

Normal life is to resume for us again

We are given our medals and released


Released from the army but not from the nightmares

That haunt us every time we close our eyes

Hark at the glint I spotted in the mirror

Is a sniper about to take my life?


The war cry echoed for miles

We got up, and put on our pride

One hundred men marched to fight

Half returned home with tormented minds.


[Inspired by Goodnight Saigon- Billy Joel, Dulce et Decorum est- Wilfred Owen, and the movie Fury(2014).]

©Isha Malaviya.


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