Ignorance is Bliss

A wall. Interpreted as ignorance by myself, and my team- Anoushka, Melanie and Ritika. The following poem was written as a conversation between a man and the wall his own mind has put up, around him. It is a collaboration between Anoushka Gupta (who speaks as the man, and has written the first and third stanzas) and I ( the wall, and have written the second and final stanzas).


The myriad possibilities are endless
A gleaming cosmos with colours so bright
However all I see is starless, hollow darkness
I am powerless against the hands shielding my sight


Wall of stone, wall of darkness
Don’t fear, for I will shield your eyes
What you know is enough to suffice
I have nothing to offer from the world outside


Helpless, I have given in to the ignorance,
The world beyond, a trap, a snare.
These walls control my conscience,
And save me from destruction and despair.

The world outside is crumbling apart
Stand far as the walls of weakness wither
The one I am, and a part of yourself
Is the only one that will remain forever


Picture Courtesy: Melanie RK

©Isha Malaviya.




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